Bringing People Together Through the Arts
One cause at a time…

As an answer to America’s ever increasing violence, anger, division & intolerance we have created this ‘HATE FREE ZONE’ to celebrate all Americans. We understand that we have differences, those differences however do not make us weak, they are the source of our strength! We are one Nation and our survival as a Nation calls upon us to come together at this critical juncture in American history. Join with us in…

“Our mission is to move hearts and souls through music and the arts. To preserve our treasured traditions, to celebrate all our people regardless of race, creed or color. To tie together the thread that connects us all, and above all else, to make America and the world a better place for our children and for future generations.”

We CelebrateUS501(c)3 is dedicated to bringing people together through Entertainment and the Arts.

Instead of a land divided by politics and religion, We CelebrateUS501(c)3 applauds our differences. “Politics is downstream of Culture.” We believe that entertainment and popular culture are the starting points where we can all meet to share common ground begin the conversation.

E Pluribus Unim…Of many, we stand as One.

We CelebrateUS501(c)3 was started in response to the growing anger, division & intolerance that is getting worse every single day, and it must stop now.  Our movement is an answer to let everyone know that although we have differences, we need to unite as AMERICANS first!

Our Non-Partisan/Not-for-profit 501(c)3 has under its umbrella a roster of multi-media projects. These range in themes from diversity and tolerance, to stories & music that celebrate our rich heritage, encourage pro-family, pro-social values, restore Christmas traditions, teach and inspire children’s entrepreneurship, and preserve free enterprise in America for generations to come!

Using popular culture in all its forms of entertainment, we endeavor to bridge the gap between Americans of all races and ideologies.

By means of live performances, music, stage, concerts, film and video, television, cable and web-series, we are producing popular entertainment that is engaging and exciting to everyone, while also informing and inspiring people to open their hearts and minds to those who think differently. We strive to find common ground, to move forward and build a better more unified America.

To help us heal our Nation visit our website at

Ben Friedman

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